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[05] Claire/Angel or Booth Icons
[02] Claire/Angel Icons
[02] Claire/Booth Icons
[01] Claire/Angel or Booth Manip
[04] Clark/Claire Icons
[01] Clark/Claire Manip


And since I didn't do much with the icons, if you want to add texture/text, your welcomed to it - just let me know/see it & remember to credit me. Thanks!

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Drabble-A-Thon: BTVS/Heroes


(This idea, by the way, was stolen from KAIWYNN & her Twilight Uncanon Drabble-A-Thon.)

So, let's get straight to the point.

Comment to this entry with a drabble (any length BTW).

A few things to remember:

Slash/femslash/het/threesome/gen/smut/fluff/angst/anything is welcome.
You can post more than once.
In the subject line of your comment, write title - pairing - rating (g, pg, pg13, r, nc17)
Pimp this everywhere!

Alright, now get to posting.

Closing date? Um, christmas?
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Felt Like Sunshine [Adam x Darla x Drusilla]

This was requested a short while ago by krilymcc at the Kensei/Adam fest. How could I possibly resist?

Title: Felt Like Sunshine
Fandoms: Heroes/Angel
Pairing: Adam Monroe x Darla x Drusilla
Rating: R for sexual content
Word Count: 1400
Summary: In 19th century Italy, Adam Monroe, the Immortal, crosses paths with a clan of vampires.

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TITLE: Looking for fun
FANDOMS: Heroes/Angel
CHARACTERS: Jessica/Spike
WARNINGS: Smut! And my first smut for a while which deserves a warning in itself!
NOTES/SUMMARY: I asked my flist for fic prompts to relieve my boredom at work and got this [Heroes/BtVS] Niki/Jessica and Spike have a show down

So, set during season 5 of Angel (and thus in 2004, a couple of years prior to the start of Heroes), Spike goes to Vegas after finding out that Buffy is dating the Immortal to console himself in a lot of alcohol and strippers. What if Jessica's first appearance was much earlier than Niki ever suspected?

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Cedric/Hermione "together"
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Faith of the Community

Hello guys, me and chosenfire28 had been discussing the direction where the community may head. For the reason of lack of updates and the low amount of members we where thinking of closing the community for sure.

We would like to know what you guys think? If there is any suggestions in making the community more active.

There is a Heroes Crossover community Open At the moment if you would like to join. It's currently going to go through changes to make it a more enjoyable place. heroescrossover

A Challenge

Hey I'm new to the community. I love Heroes and Loved buffy. My favorites characters are Nathan and Willow. I have a challenge for that pairing.

What if Nathan wasn't married with Heidi and didn't have any sons. While Nathan was visiting Linderman in Vegas. He and Willow met up and had a few drinks. He's still running for congress. The Scooby gang are in Vegas too celebrate the defeat of the first. After there night in Vegas, Nathan and Willow find out there married. The press get a hold of this and Nathan and Willow has to stay married so Nathan doesn't loose the election. They pretend they got married for love. During all of this Willow and Nathan learn about each other powers and Willow helps out the Heroes in stopping the bomb. Any Takers? I would love it if someone can do this. If I was a good writer I would do this but at last i'm not so i'm hoping someone will do this challenge for me.