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01 September 2008 @ 01:45 am
A Challenge  
Hey I'm new to the community. I love Heroes and Loved buffy. My favorites characters are Nathan and Willow. I have a challenge for that pairing.

What if Nathan wasn't married with Heidi and didn't have any sons. While Nathan was visiting Linderman in Vegas. He and Willow met up and had a few drinks. He's still running for congress. The Scooby gang are in Vegas too celebrate the defeat of the first. After there night in Vegas, Nathan and Willow find out there married. The press get a hold of this and Nathan and Willow has to stay married so Nathan doesn't loose the election. They pretend they got married for love. During all of this Willow and Nathan learn about each other powers and Willow helps out the Heroes in stopping the bomb. Any Takers? I would love it if someone can do this. If I was a good writer I would do this but at last i'm not so i'm hoping someone will do this challenge for me.